What is Live-in Care?

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Live-in carers support the personal and healthcare needs of customers within their own home. Similar to homecare in many ways, live-in care is different in the fact that it requires a carer to live with the customer. This means that the carer can always provide support should the customer require it.

With an aging population and a limited number of available spaces in UK care homes, live-in care is a rising alternative to moving into a care establishment. It enables a customer to keep their freedom and receive personal care, while the live-in carer is provided accommodation and a steady income.

Live-in carers support customers with any personal care needs, while also helping with day-to-day tasks such as cooking or cleaning. Outside of those jobs, it is about providing the customer with companionship. This may be supporting them to achieve any goals or hobbies they have, or even just watching a favourite television series. This is why live-in care is so unique, because many other forms of care aren’t able to facilitate or cater for the emotional needs of customers.

It’s important to note that live-in carers will occasionally need to provide care out-of-hours. Should a customer suddenly fall ill during the night, or should they simply need help to go to the toilet, it is the responsibility of the live-in carer to support the customer in these instances.

This does not mean that live-in carers aren’t entitled to time off. Much like any other role, a live-in carer will have allotted time off in which they are free to do as they please. It will be the perfect chance to get out and explore the local area for many Kare Plus live-in carers.

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